It’s been more than a minute. Here’s what’s up with Leslie!

I have been looking at the author sites of my fellow scribes and have been reminded that it’s been more than a year since I updated this site, which is weird because some awesome things have happened. You need to know about them all.

What’s Leslie’s podcast: Fine Beats and Cheeses, a super fun and informative show about how pleasure is not something to feel guilty about, with my twin Lynne Streeter Childress, Producer Sam and amazing guests including Josh Mankiewicz, Laura Lipman, Laurie Kilmartin and more.

Where’s Leslie working?: The Baltimore Banner, a digital daily in her hometown that is the culmination of every frigging thing I ever wanted. I get to write informed, heartfelt and unfettered words about race, gender, parenthood, pop culture and more without wondering who I am going to offend. Every job I ever had sent me on this path to the best gig I ever had.

New book: I wrote a novel about journalism, grief and the conflict of generations, race and out and out theft. Sold to Lake Union Publishing, out in early 2025. So excited.

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