It’s been a minute!

Just wanted to let you guys know what I’ve been up to in the months since I’ve been in this space.

Ooh, ooh, I-I-I-I I’m still alive!

I was really faithful for a while at updating both this and my Substack but stopped about two months ago when I was hired to be a lifestyle columnist at the Baltimore Banner, a groovy new publication that launches soon, to be an independent non-profit voice of local journalism. Since then, my focus has been on that, as well as momming, speaking, traveling, writing a novel and trying not to get Type-2 Diabetes (doctor’s visits are such fun in your 50s.)

While I’m working on all that, I just wanted to drop a few nugget of…wisdom? Musings? Weird stuff in my head to fill this space?

  • Systemic racism is real, no matter how you try to ban it.
  • Covid is real and we’re still in a pandemic.
  • You liking a performer and their art doesn’t mean they can’t have done bad things.
  • There is no such thing as a guilty pleasure. It gives you pleasure or it doesn’t. Shout it out.
  • Things suck lately. Hug a dog. Or your kid. Or your cat, if you’re brave and wearing long sleeves.
  • Online dating sucks over a certain age and if you know someone nice that you could introduce your friends to, you should do that and stop hoarding the nice people.
  • Diet culture is bad.
  • It’s not the responsibility of marginalized people to make the majority feel better about their marginalization.

And that’s all off the top of my head. I will have more news and appearances and stuff here, soon. Just wanted to say hey. So hey!

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  1. Hey, back at you! Leslie, you are spot on with your, ahem, musings. I declare they are clear reality! Thank you for sharing. Your writing is even more powerful now than in your younger years in racist York County. Pam

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