It’s Small Business Saturday! Did I mention I’m a business?

Makeup by my personal assistant, who was paid in a free hotel and chicken tenders.

It’s Small Business Saturday, which is interesting to me as I’ve committed to buying all of my holiday presents from local businesses here in Maryland this year. What’s more intriguing is something I saw on Twitter by awesome writer Sara Benincasa who reminded her followers that as an artist, she is a small business, and directed people to her Patreon newsletter and ways to support her.

We are getting towards the end of my first year as an independent writer, which is exciting and scary but coming together. I have some exciting projects coming up in the next few months, including writing and speeches and such, but I wanted to point you towards some ways you can support me and my stuff!

  • Buy my book, Black Widow, wherever books are sold, but preferably from a small independent bookstore like Baltimore’s Greedy Reads or The Ivy, D.C.’s Mahogany Books or New Orleans’ Blue Cypress Books.
  • Are you an indie music artist, business person or someone else wanting to tell your story? I’ll write your bio for your website!
  • Are you looking for a speaker for Black History Month, Women’s History Month, or just because you like a dope lady talking about 90s girl groups? Contact me at and get my rates!
  • Looking for writing coaching? Email me!
  • Need a freelance story, from essays to lists to reported articles, about parenting, grief, pop culture, race, woman stuff, dating, food and more? Contact me!

It’s such a weird time and money is tight. I’m even that more excited to be able to produce good, creative, quality work. To paraphrase Sir Elton, my gift are my words, and these ones could be for you!

And while you’re here, sign up for my newsletter, Who Knows Where That Might Lead, on Substack!

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