NaNoWriMo: Yeah, OK I Guess. Fine.

My first assignment in the annual NaNoWriMo project, which encourages writers to finish a novel or at least get pretty close during the month of November, is to stop calling it “Yah Mo Be There,” which is a James Ingram/Michael McDonald song and is absolutely not related. However, both are fun to say, so much fun, in fact, that I spend my time snickering about it like a toddler and not writing.

Not me writing. But let’s pretend it is.

Which is why I need this thing.

I’m not going to be super forthcoming about my project at this time, as it’s a work in progress that’s in a specific stage, and because the Internet is full of people who like stealing other people’s ideas and I just don’t have time to be coming to find word thieves when I’m trying to write. I will say that I am a person who works well with accountability, whether it’s run training, Noom, or writing. (I once wound up in the dedication of my friend Kim Walsh Phillips‘s bestselling business book because she used it to GET ME TO STOP FACEBOOKING ABOUT ‘GREY’S ANATOMY’ AND FINISH MY BOOK.)

So I’m not going to be overly sharing details on this project but I will check in, because if at least one person knows to check for me, they will encourage me and, if all else fails, shame me into doing this right. Because it’s a really good book brewing, you guys. I just have to keep it moving.

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