I’m Leslie! How can I help?

I just spent a few days being energized by my business coach and dear friend Kim Walsh Phillips, the mega-energized leader behind Power Professionals and many, many people who needed help scaling, starting and publicizing their businesses through social media and more. (She literally encouraged me to finish my book, Black Widow, by including me in the forward of one of her books and saying “Where is your book?”) One of the things she preaches that’s stuck with me is using every platform you have at your disposal to get your word out there. This blog has been languishing like a romance novel heroine trapped in a tower – pretty but lonely.

No more of that!

Not only am I going to be updating this at least every other day with everything from essays to appearance notes, but I wanted to use this one to tell you about things I (since I am my business) can offer you:

  • Freelance writing for publications (specialties include entertainment reviews, essays on grief, culture, parenthood and more, and general features)
  • Corporate features (Professional bios and articles suitable for Websites and professional organizations, for artists, musicians, attorneys, educators and anyone who wants a fun, vibrant presentation of who they are)
  • Podcast and print interviews (specialties include grief, pop culture, parenting, pivoting and reinvention and more)
  • Speaking, both online and in person with Covid precautions
  • Contact leslie@lesliegraystreeter.com for rates. Can’t wait to help tell your story!

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